Education & Mentorship

Education & Mentorship

Education & Mentorship

Individual training on real projects and working with clients. Intra-corporate multinational training, optimization and digitalization of business processes. No mass courses - there is no time for this.

  • Multinational Online Marketing
Online branding, online advertisings, social selling, analytics
  • International Advertising and Promo
Deep work with Facebook Business (+ Instagram), LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Business, YouTube Ads, TikTok Business, Local social networks and messengers.
  • Online Environment
Cybersecurity, decentralized access, backup storage, trekking, online data protection, legal data protection, intellectual property, NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  • Digital Transformation
Analysis, implementation plan, technology selection, customization and integration, training, support, business goals, funding plan, digitization process, digitization of internal communications, playback, remote control.

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